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WhiskPower Blue with Natural Scrub, 4 Liter Cartridge, 4/Case

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4 Liter Kwik-Klick Cartridge

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WhiskPower 270 Blue Hand Soap with Natural Scrubbers

One of the most powerful hand soaps available, formulated with an exceptional blend of surfactants and NO harsh solvents, removes the most stubborn soils. Natural scrubbers, which are MORE effective than pumice, gently help to loosen soils from the hands. After use hands are left with a clean, citrus scent. Meets the new regulations set forth in the Microbead-Free Waters Act (2015) which prohibits the selling and distribution of products containing solid plastic microbeads for exfoliation.

WhiskPower soaps are specially formulated to remove the most stubborn soils. They use pumice, walnut shells or other natural scrubbers to help loosen dirt and grime from the skin.