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Wiper Technologies

  • DRC (Double Re-Crepe)

    Highly absorbent and soft-textured wipers made from a cellulose base infused with a binder to provide enhanced strength, absorbency and softness. Browse All

    • Durable and absorbent

    • Strong, even when wet

    • Perfect for oil, grease, and liquids

  • Hydroentangled

    Extremely durable wiper made using high-pressure water jets interlacing cellulose and polypropylene fibers, offering durability, strength and solvent resistance. Browse All

    • Compatible with various solvents

    • Perfect for rough surfaces/jagged edges, or needing low lint

  • Spunlace

    The exact composition can vary based on the specific product and manufacturer, but the typical make-up is a blend of cellulose or cotton fibers along with synthetic fibers like polyester or rayon, resulting in a fabric-like material that offers exceptional wet strength and abrasion resistance. Browse All

    • Ultra-low linting & Solvent-resistant

    • Incredible wet strength

    • Perfect for clean rooms

  • Scrim

    Cellulose-based wiper with a nylon netting core with 1-2 outer layers of tissue for absorbency and wet strength. Go To Scrim

    • Ideal for delicate surfaces like glass
    • Ideal for materials that require a shine like machines and tools
  • Foodservice

    Hygienic and durable wiper made from cellulose fibers or nonwoven fabrics for use in the foodservice industry. Browse All

    • Hygienic and durable
    • Color-coded for different uses to prevent cross-contamination
    • Engineered to prevent effectively distribute disinfectant and sanitization chemicals onto surfaces, including food preparation areas
  • Reclaimed Rags

    Versatile and sustainably sourced wipers made from recycled clothing material. Offered in a variety of textiles. Durable and economical. Browse All

    • Eco-conscious
    • Economical

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