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  • Standard Bath Tissue

    Sometimes referred to as “small roll”, standard bath tissue is a perforated bathroom tissue that is wound into a small roll” with or without a core and sold in both “at-home” and “away-from-home” markets.
    Softness | Absorbency | Break-Up- Shorter Fibers | Sheet Width | Sheet Count Selections | Universal-Fits Most Dispensers

  • Jumbo Bath Tissue

    Non-perforated roll bathroom tissue that is wound tightly and in significantly greater lengths than standard bathroom tissue creating a “jumbo” sized roll. This large format is sold in “away-from-home” markets.
    Advantages/Benefits:Maintenance Savings | Storage Savings | Less Product Run-Out | Reduces Theft

  • Hard Wound Roll Towels

    Sometimes referred to as non-perforated roll towel. The roll is wound tight and is, therefore, “hard” when it is squeezed.
    Advantages/Benefits: Maintenance Savings | Storage Savings | Lower Cost Per Hand Dry | Cleaner Washrooms Less Product Run-Out | Cross Contamination Prevention

  • Center-Pull Towels

    Paper is typically wound on a perforated core which is pulled out before being placed into the dispenser where the towels are then dispensed from the center of the roll.
    Advantages/Benefits:Low Cost Dispenser- No Moving Parts | Maintenance Savings | Universal Dispensing- No Proprietary Dispensers | Quiet- Dispense Towels with Limited/No Noise | Less Product Run-Out Cross Contamination Prevention | Storage Savings

  • Multi-Fold Towels

    Multi-Fold towels are folded in a “Z” pattern, also known as interfold.
    Best Value vs C-Fold & Single-Fold towels | Lowest Cost Dispenser- No Moving Parts | “Z” or interfolded towels

  • Single-Fold Towels

    Single-Fold towels get their name from the “single” style of fold (note: some single-fold towels can have a second fold)
    Advantages/Benefits:Typically a 1-Ply Natural Towel which is economical

  • C-Fold Towels

    C-Fold towels get their name from “c” style of the fold.
    Advantages/Benefits:Typically a 2-Ply Embossed Towel which has better absorbency and strength