Minority owned and operated business


We believe strongly in maintaining our strong roots and activity in the Mid-Michigan community. We accomplish this objective by actively participating in a variety of business
and social programs.

Tico serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Capital Area United Way and the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing, while also being a member of the Greater Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Minority Business Development Council,Sparrow Hospital Athletes for Kids, and the Michigan State University Alumni Association.

Todd is the CEO of Duckett Enterprises and Co-Founder of The Black Success Network & Career Training Camp. In 2011, Duckett Enterprises was born with the mission to build businesses that would have a true and positive impact on the community, focused on “giving back.” In addition to establishing New World Flood and The Black Success Network in 2011, other organizations founded by Todd include The Printing King and District Eleven. Todd is a dedicated Father of five amazing children, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker and transformation coach. Todd is building a living legacy that will continue to provide opportunities for education and volunteerism for children and adults.

As a dynamic speaker, Todd presents to thousands of teens and adults each year about defining their
identity vs role and how to transform through a transition.

Todd supporting the annual Battle For The Houses 2023 for Ronald McDonald House

Tico supporting the Michigan Department of Treasury's 'Find Forgotten Fund$ Football Challenge'